Register to Vote!

CCHCC is a citizen action organization, founded on the premise of participatory democracy and the belief that meaningful reforms in the health care system will come only with the active involvement of consumers. CCHCC works to engage our members and the community in all forms of civic participation from letter writing and calling elected officials, to visiting with elected officials in person, to educating voters on issues to ensure they are prepared to cast informed ballots.  Having a voice in who represents us in local, state, and federal government is just as important. 

In order to have a voice, as citizens, you need to be able to vote.  To be able to vote, you need to be registered to vote at your current address.

STEP 1: Check your voter registration status online. If you live in Champaign County and want to check your voter registration status and the address at which you are registered, click here. Tip: Be sure to look up under the name on your driver's license or on your Voter Registration card.

STEP 2: Register to vote, or change your address. You can do that online through Illinois State Board of Elections, or by completing one of the following pdf forms and returning to the Champaign County Clerk (changes of address; register to vote).